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A brand-new way to make connections that will change your lead gen process


Let the Connection Exchange connect you with New Business Owners and Managers in your community.


We are the connectors between our members and new business decision makers throughout our community. We open doors so you don’t have to. 


We are your first impression!

3. get lead list and connect
2. your gift is delivered and your business is professionally presented to new business owners
1. sign up as a connection member

Now signing up Connection Members:


Membership levels: We have several levels of memberships to fit your needs and budget.

  • premium member

  • standard member

  • value member


Visit fees: Pay for only the welcome visits we make. Billed monthly.


*Membership and visit fees are in addition to your costs of Promotional Items and Marketing Materials (your "gift" to the new business owner)



Did you receive my gift?


It's a non-threatening question that immediately disarms the person that answers the phone, giving you the opportunity to meet the new potential client from a friendly neighbor angle. Allowing you to introduce yourself, and ask if you can help them in any way. How does that compare to traditional cold calling?

be connectors

Enjoy added Value at our Quarterly Connection events:

FREE As a member business, you’ll be invited to attend our Quarterly Connection Events. Mingle and network with your community's newest business owners.


The following sponsorships are available at each event:

  • networking sponsor Give a 2-3 minute presentation of your business. Up to 4 Networking Sponsors/event with an industry category exclusive guarantee

  • location sponsor Show off your venue and give a 2-3 minute presentation of your business

  • catering sponsor Includes a 2-3 min presentation

  • beverage sponsor Includes a 2-3 min presentation

  • doorprize sponsor Includes your business name announcement at event

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