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Well, hello there!

Are you a Connector? Someone that loves to help others find the resources and people they need? Do you love to network? Do you want to be your own boss and have time to take care of your family too?

You can own your own Connection Exchange affiliated business and make valuable connections in your own community!

Benefits of owning your own Connection Exchange affiliated business:

  • We are not a Franchise. Each location owns and operates their own business and keeps 100% of their sales.

  • Low start-up cost. Make back your initial investment quickly!

  • We’ve done all the hard work for you. As an affiliate, you get the training, support, and branded materials to start your business quickly!

  • Sharing the joy of meaningful connections in your local community. (How fun is that?)

  • You’re the Boss! (set up your own schedule, work around your family's needs and schedules)

The Connection Exchange Story

Cara Owings and Jennifer Schenck started The Connection Exchange in Columbia, Missouri in 2015 with an entrepreneurial desire to create mutually beneficial connections within their local community as well as a desire to be actively engaged moms.

These women are entrepreneurial minded, professional networkers (“Connectors”) with career backgrounds in marketing, advertising, sales, and small business operations and management. They saw an opportunity to leverage their combined passions and created a unique and valuable business model that could be duplicated in communities across the country. The Connection Exchange is based on their passions of:

  • Entrepreneurship, business growth and economic development

  • Mentoring, connecting and collaboration with colleagues and vendors on a local level

  • Putting the personal relationship back into the sales process versus just a transaction

The Connection Exchange mission statement and vision:

Better communities through better connections

The Connection Exchange mission is to create mutually beneficial connections between consumers and the local providers of the products and services they need, to impact the growth of our communities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

Although it’s important to dedicate plenty of time to your Connection Exchange business, a lot of our Business owners have other jobs or commitments as well. One of the great parts about Connection Exchange is the flexibility.

Do affiliates pay royalties to Connection Exchange Corporate?

We are not a Franchise. Each location owns and operates their own business and keeps 100% of their sales. There is a monthly software fee to use our ConnectS software.

How do I get welcome visit bags?

As an affiliate, you get deep discounts on Connection Exchange marketing materials, welcome visit bags, and everything you need to run your business effectively.

Will I get ongoing support?

You'll get start-up coaching from the Connection Exchange team as well as a private group page and support events/gatherings with other licensees that will inspire your business forward and build a supportive community. (We are committed to helping you create and sustain a fun and thriving business!)

How do I start?

  • Submit Territory Approval Form below (there is only one licensee permitted per territory)

  • Upon approval, complete License Agreement (we will email it to you)

  • Order Starter Kit

  • Start connecting!


Apply to be a Connection Exchange affiliated licensee
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