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Welcoming New Businesses and New Residents with a FREE Welcome Gift!

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The Connection Exchange is a welcoming service that brings a gift to new residents, new business owners, general managers, and executive directors. We connect you to all our business community has to offer! This is a free service.


1. Have a Welcome Visit

Meet with a Community Connector either in person or virtually. We'll find out about your needs and how we can help connect you best.

2. Get your Welcome Gift

Your welcome gift will be delivered by your Community Connector or to your home or office.

3. Enjoy your Connections

We're all about connections and relationships. You'll be connected to resources and businesses that will help you thrive in your new endeavor.

Our Community Connectors look forward to connecting with you!

We're always looking for great businesses that want new connections!

Connection Exchange Owners Jennifer Schenck and Cara Owings

Become a Connection Exchange affiliate business owner in your own community. Learn more about the heart of Connection Exchange and how we can support you in making meaningful connections in your town!


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